Thank you for your effort and interest in writing for UU World. Currently, our newsroom is going through a transition, and unfortunately, we are not accepting submissions at the moment.

Once our restructuring process finalizes, we will resume receiving submissions for online publication. We very much appreciate the chance to learn from different perspectives and your contribution to expanding our readers' understanding of Unitarian Universalism.

Use this to submit an essay you've already written. If you want to be considered for a feature story or wish to submit a query letter, use the "Features and queries" category.
Articles for UU News are written by the UU World staff. The editors need information describing newsworthy activities (a couple of paragraphs or a press release are fine), along with contact information. If the editors wish to include an item, a reporter will then follow up.

Because of limited space, we cannot include all of the news items we receive. The following guidelines will help you to determine the type of news most likely to appear in print:

* Significant church activities marking church anniversaries in fifty year increments.

* Projects that affect or involve the community. We want to hear about them after they've started or occurred, not when they are still in the planning stage.

* Fires, floods, vandalism and other calamities that affect the congregation.

* Activities of ministers or individuals representing their congregations in the public sphere.

* The completion of new church buildings or extensive renovations.
The "Spirit" section of the magazine includes fine art in diverse media. Be sure to include title of work, year of copyright, media, dimensions, and an artist's statement including UU affiliation.

If you would like to be considered for commissioned art, please use "Cover Art, Feature Illustration, Artist Portfolios."

The magazine is always seeking photographs showcasing congregations' unique worship and meeting spaces for our Spiritual Landmarks column. Whether you meet in a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, or a rented room, we are interested in seeing your space in use. The photographs should give a sense of what's unique about the building's (or room's) interior or exterior architecture and should include people. This last is of special importance because we want to show congregants using their space.

UU World publishes fine art on the cover and regularly commissions illustrations for our feature articles. To be considered as a freelance illustrator, please include a letter of inquiry and a link to a portfolio of your work. You may also submit sample work: jpg, tiff, png, or zip files accepted.
UU World publishes journalism and essays in the magazine's feature well. Our reported pieces are assigned months in advance to skilled freelance journalists or staff writers. To be considered for an assigned piece, please submit a query letter, resume, and two samples of your work.
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