Articles for UU News are written by the UU World staff. The editors need information describing newsworthy activities (a couple of paragraphs or a press release are fine), along with contact information. If the editors wish to include an item, a reporter will then follow up.

Because of limited space, we cannot include all of the news items we receive. The following guidelines will help you to determine the type of news most likely to appear in print:

* Significant church activities marking church anniversaries in fifty year increments.
* Projects that affect or involve the community. We want to hear about them after they've started or occurred, not when they are still in the planning stage.
* Fires, floods, vandalism and other calamities that affect the congregation.
* Activities of ministers or individuals representing their congregations in the public sphere.
* The completion of new church buildings or extensive renovations.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.